Since ancient times, it has been the desire of humans to trade goods and services with one another for goods and services they want and need, and desire.

Technology has sped up trade, but today, multiple factors have slowed it back down again, damaging businesses’ productivity. Precious resources have become even more difficult to obtain.

The world has learned over the past few years how fragile the global supply chain can be in all industries, including energy, metals, and food.

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Strategic Competition

Our founder and CEO, Dennis Bartow, is one of the United States’ foremost experts on “Great Power Competition.” He helped write the “Great Power Competition Strategy” for the U.S. Department of Defense while serving as Deputy Secretary of Defense for African Affairs Policy.

He also represented the Pentagon at the formation of the highly successful Prosper Africa initiative, the U.S. interagency framework to increase two-way trade between the United States and Africa.

Dennis was the Department of Defense’s Small Business Director, becoming the first DoD Small Business Director in more than five years. There was a gap from 2014 to his appointment in 2019, during which the amount of businesses doing business with the DoD declined by around 70 percent!

Dennis’s passion is providing defense support for economic initiatives. He endeavors to “outcompete” our near peer competitors such as China and Russia and to provide less developed countries with the opportunity to Prosper. He believes our values travel as far as our influence.

Deal Team Access to Capital

Our team has been highly successful in helping introduce our clients to private, public, and venture capital opportunities. We prefer a “deal team approach” to work with your business and meet your needs. We will devise a unique strategy to refinance, de-risk, or find the money you need to succeed.

We often find that our clients are just missing a piece of the puzzle to get them to the next level. We help clients clarify and achieve their vision.

Strategic Advisory

Simply put, we’ve been there and done that. Unlike the public sector, private industry cannot frivolously spend time and resources without accountability. Our experienced advisors will tell you what you need to hear, not group-think or conventional wisdom. We specialize in rapidly analyzing your operation and can quickly offer you a “triage” of insights and actions to solve your problems and get you across the finish line.

Spouting Whales Get Harpooned

Our network has served in the top tiers of U.S. national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs. We provide cyber and data security, threat intelligence, reputation and crisis management, special activities courses, tactical training, exercise support, foreign language, cultural immersion training, strategic communications, physical and technical security assessments for corporate entities globally, and more.

We specialize in de-risking your commercial endeavors domestically and internationally. In our view, aside from providing security and a basic social safety net, the government exists to support the free and fair commerce of our partners and allies. We strategically engage government leadership to create policies that help our companies compete and thrive. Reducing regulatory burdens, barriers to entry, and financial hurdles are our forte.

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Dennis Bartow

Founder & CEO

National security & strategic competition expert

Brock Mergist

Chief Operating Officer

National security & global operations expert